Link to edit content Title View Application Award Type Original Owner Name of farm or ranch Year of Property Acquisition Original Acreage Current Acreage Acreage farmed or ranched today Donation land claim Dlc num and registration location Homestead Homestead Information Other Please explain Legal description for the farm or ranch headquarters County Address physical location GPS location Distance from nearest town Nearest town name Who farms or ranches today Original buildings still in use Building structures on property with date of construction Crops or livestock historically raised on property Crops or livestock currently raised on property National register property National register name Notes and comments property Contact first name Date of application Date of award Please describe attachments Genealogical information included Application on file Application location Applicants relationship to original owners Origin of original owners Ethnic origin of original ownerssort descending How many generations still live on the farm or ranch
CFR0093 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Smith, William DeLaFletcher (W.D.L.F.) George W. Smith Ranch 1864 0.00 0.00 0 No No Yes Land grant. Lots 3 & 4 of Sec 27 $ Lot 5 of Sec. 26 in T 25 S R 12 W Coos Smith, George William (Mr. and Mrs.) No no Dairy stock, fruit, fish,... Fruit, beef stock, hay,... No 95.39 acres in original farm... George Sunday, November 30, 1969 1970 Application; Certification of... No Yes Mss 1604 great grandson Connecticut 2
CFR0239 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Brattain, Johnathan H. 1849 0.00 0.00 0 Yes Yes No Linn 1.5 miles NE of Peoria and 12... Stenson, Delmer R. No No Johnathan Brattain died in... Delmer Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Typewritten letter; Affidavit. No Yes Mss 1604 great great grandfather 0
CFR0373 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Jenne family 1858 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Multnomah No No William; Esther Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Typewritten letters. No Yes Mss 1604 0
CFR0512 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Perkins, Eli & Sally Hull Perkins 1844 0.00 0.00 0 Yes Notification # 1549, Claim # 73 No No Yamhill 3 miles E of Carlton Williams, Alice; Williams, R. W. No 40 acres farm land. Some ash... No Eli Perkins to George W. (son... Alice; R. W. Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Application; Affidavit;... No Yes Mss 1604 great great granddaughter Indiana 0
CFR0773 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Prantl, John 1874 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Marion 2 1/2 miles SE Gervais,... Prantl, Carl C. No no Unknown Berries, alfalfa, nursery... No 151.48 acres in original farm... Carl Friday, November 30, 1973 1974 Application; Certification of... No Yes Mss 1604 grandson Germany 2
CFR0902 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Fargher, Horatio A. Fargher Ranch 1876 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Wasco No House and barn. Sheep, wool. Wheat, barley, cattle. No 160 acres in original farm.... Walter; Frances Sunday, November 30, 1975 1976 Application; Certification of... Yes Yes Mss 1604 son & daughter-in-law Isle of Man 0
CFR1033 Download Application (PDF) Century Ranch Bartlemay, William 1901 0.00 0.00 0 No No Yes Purchased from Henry A. Flower Aux. Gilliam North Gilliam County Bartlemay, Larry; Bartlemay, Laurie No no Chickens, pigs, horses, dairy... Wheat. No Larry; Laurie Thursday, November 30, 2000 2001 Application; Statement of... No Yes OHSField Services File grandson Indiana 3
CFR1164 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Vincent, George; Vincent, Mary Brentano Farm 1910 80.00 56.00 39 Yes 1222, Claim # 86 No No Yamhill 10225 NW Brentano Lane,... 2 Miles McMinnville Schwartz, Allen L.; Schwartz, M. Susan Yes Original farmhouse built 1880... Dairy cattle; Hogs Grass seed No Allen L & M. Susan Saturday, May 1, 2010 2010 Application; Statement of... Yes Yes MSS ORCFRP Great grand daughter 3
CFR1250 Century Farm Tideman Johnson Tideman Johnson Farm 1880 60.00 8.00 2 No No No Multnomah 3635 SE Johnson Creek Blvd.... in Portland & Milwaukie Permacutlure Institue for Children and Steve Johnson owner No First barn and home built in... vegetables; sold at farm... Vegetables, fruits, and... No Tuesday, May 1, 2018 2018 Application packet; narrative... Yes No OSU Great grandson Minnesota 1
CFR0061 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Mark, Alexander K. 1866 0.00 0.00 0 Yes No No Clackamas Mark, Vesta Irene No no Dairy cattle, hay, grain Hay, grain. No "Upon death of Alexander... Vesta Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Application; Correspondence;... No Yes Mss 1604 granddaughter Missouri 1