Link to edit content Title View Application Award Type Original Owner Name of farm or ranch Year of Property Acquisition Original Acreage Current Acreage Acreage farmed or ranched today Donation land claimsort descending Dlc num and registration location Homestead Homestead Information Other Please explain Legal description for the farm or ranch headquarters County Address physical location GPS location Distance from nearest town Nearest town name Who farms or ranches today Original buildings still in use Building structures on property with date of construction Crops or livestock historically raised on property Crops or livestock currently raised on property National register property National register name Notes and comments property Contact first name Date of application Date of award Please describe attachments Genealogical information included Application on file Application location Applicants relationship to original owners Origin of original owners Ethnic origin of original owners How many generations still live on the farm or ranch
CFR0190 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Robinson, L. Richard 1857 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Lane 580 Luckey Lane, Eugene Everson, Esther Jane; Scott, John G. No no Grain, hay, sheep, hogs. Livestock, hay, grain, walnut... No 822 acres in original farm.... Esther Thursday, November 30, 1972 1973 Application; Certification of... Yes Yes Mss 1604 great great great Uncle Mascouche, Canada 3
CFR0557 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Scott, William J. Scott Farm 1878 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Malheur Approximately 14 miles North... Annscott, Walter B.; Annscott, Charli; Scott, Kelly; Scott, Brendan; Scott, Teresa No Timbers from original barn... Cattle, grain, alfalfa. Cattle, grain, alfalfa, corn... No Walter Thursday, November 30, 1995 1996 Application; Handwritten... Yes Yes Mss 1604 great grandson California 2
CFR0896 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Beach, William Joseph 1890 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Wallowa Beach, Joe; Beach, Norman No no Cattle, Shenora wheat,... Cattle, barley, peas, wheat,... No Joe; Norman Thursday, November 30, 1989 1990 Application; Certification of... No Yes Mss 1604 grandsons Missouri 3
CFR0103 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Wilson, W. H.; Wilson, Hannah Dickinson 1849 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Douglas Brant, Addie Wilson No No Addie Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Affidavit; 1960 state fair... No Yes Mss 1604 1
CFR1211 Download Application (PDF) Century Ranch Kilkenny, John F. KilKenny Ranch 1914 20,000.00 8,100.00 8100 No No Yes Land sale deeds Morrow 79074 Hwy 74 Heppner OR 97836 9 miles Heppner, OR Kilkenny, John No No original buildings stand... Alfalfa; Wheat; Cattle; Sheep Alfalfa; Conservation; Wheat... No Thursday, April 17, 2014 2014 Application; Statement of... Yes Yes MSS ORCFRP Grandson Leitrim, Ireland Irish 1
CFR0816 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Brundage, Walter S. and Albert W. Osmin Osmin Ranches LLC 1888 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Morrow SE of Heppner, R. 26 E Osmin, Albert L.; Osmin, Donna No No. The original buildings... Grain crops, sheep. Alfalfa hay, cattle. No Albert Monday, November 30, 1992 1993 Application; Statement form;... No Yes Mss 1604 grandson and great nephew New York 2
CFR1158 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Sidwell, Clyde; Sidwell, Pearl 1910 60.00 143.00 143 No No Yes Deed & Abstract Title Lane 32587 Coburg Bottom Loop,... 1/8 mile Coburg Gutoski, Peter C.; Gutoski, Judy; Gutoski, Toby Yes Barn 1911 now garage, House... Beans; Dill; Mint; Potatoes;... Hazelnuts; Timber No Peter & Judy Saturday, May 1, 2010 2010 Application; Statement of... Yes Yes MSS ORCFRP Granddaughter Davis County Iowa 1
CFR0385 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Porterfield, Amax 0 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Polk No No Dorothy; Grenold Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 No No 0
CFR0735 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Loosley, John 1873 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Klamath 2 1/2 miles South of Fort... Daughter of applicant No no Hay, livestock. Pasture, livestock. No 160 acres in original farm.... Willeska Friday, November 30, 1973 1974 Application; Typewritten... No Yes Mss 1604 0
CFR1076 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm VanGilder, Milon A. 1898 0.00 0.00 0 No No No VanGilder, Raymond; VanGilder, Bryan No Cattle; Chickens; Pigs. At time of application:... No Sunday, November 30, 2003 2004 Application; Statement of... No No 0