Link to edit content Title View Application Award Typesort descending Original Owner Name of farm or ranch Year of Property Acquisition Original Acreage Current Acreage Acreage farmed or ranched today Donation land claim Dlc num and registration location Homestead Homestead Information Other Please explain Legal description for the farm or ranch headquarters County Address physical location GPS location Distance from nearest town Nearest town name Who farms or ranches today Original buildings still in use Building structures on property with date of construction Crops or livestock historically raised on property Crops or livestock currently raised on property National register property National register name Notes and comments property Contact first name Date of application Date of award Please describe attachments Genealogical information included Application on file Application location Applicants relationship to original owners Origin of original owners Ethnic origin of original owners How many generations still live on the farm or ranch
CFR1195 Benjamin Schuster Kerns Kerns Ranches 1899 4,000.00 1,800.00 1,800 original, 300 Ft Klamath and 3,000 in CA No No Yes Deed Klamath 9350 Hwy 66, Klamath Falls,... 7 Klamath Falls E.G. Kerns Ranches LLC No Cattle and grass hay Cattle, alfalfa hay, grass... No Earl Martin Family history, photos, legal... No Yes OSU great, great grandson New Jersey 2
CFR0625 Davis, John S. 1872 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Baker & Union No No Lula Friday, November 30, 1973 1973 No No 0
CFR0962 Download Application (PDF) Unknown 0 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Union No No Glen No No 0
CFR1035 Smith, James A. 1878 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Linn No No Sidney; Gertrude Friday, November 30, 1979 1979 No No 0
CFR0041 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Albright, Daniel 1857 0.00 0.00 0 No No Yes Purchased Clackamas Albright, George W. No UPDATE: Farm Group, built in... Yes Daniel Albright gave property... George Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Affidavit; 1960 state fair... No Yes Mss 1604 grandson 0
CFR0174 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Bond, Isaac William & Hetty 1853 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Lane Wheeler, Cecil H. No Oats; Wheat; Livestock. At time of application: Hay. No Cecil Monday, November 30, 1959 1960 Application; Letter of... No Yes Mss 1604 0
CFR0320 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Miller, George B. 1855 0.00 0.00 0 No No Yes Purchased from Charles Stewart Marion 4 miles W of Gervais. Miller, B. J. J.; Miller, Nora No Brush, Timber Crop land, Diversified... No Applicant currently owns 96... Brentford; J. J.; Nora Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Application; Notarized... No Yes Mss 1604 son crossed the plains in 1852 2
CFR0454 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Robinson, William J. 1852 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Washington Near Progress, SW of Portland. Robinson, Chet; Robinson, Bill No Dairy cows Dairy cows No See CFR0455 for info on co-... Chester Saturday, November 30, 1957 1958 Newspaper article No No 0
CFR0591 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm Kizer, Horton and Mary 1898 0.00 0.00 0 No No Yes Purchased from W. C. Gainis Linn 2.5 miles NE of downtown... Kizer, Frank Richard No None of the original... wheat, oats, hay, barley hay, peppermint, sugar beets No Frank; Charlene Monday, November 30, 1998 1999 Copy of the original deed is... Yes Yes Field Services Files grandson Oregon (descend. From a pioneer family of 1853) 3
CFR0721 Download Application (PDF) Century Farm McGirr, Frank and Henrietta McGirr 1880 0.00 0.00 0 No No No Grant McGirr, Leland Frank No Grain; Hay; Cattle; Sheep. At time of application: Grain... No Leland Friday, November 30, 1984 1985 Application; Certification of... No Yes OHS Field Services Files 0